In Memoriam

Dr. Christine Miller
September 21, 1935 - February 18, 2016

This February, the Academy lost a longtime faculty member and dear friend, Dr. Christine Miller. Since the early years of the Academy, she taught piano to hundreds of children and adults in the Anderson area. She shared her love of music, one lesson at a time.

Dr. Miller spent her life devoted to music, starting from her early childhood days in Helena, Arkansas. Her extensive studies included earning a BM at the University of Mississippi, M Ed at the University of Pittsburgh, and the MM and DMA at Ohio State University, where she studied with George Haddad, Richard Tetley-Kardos and Sylvia Zaremba. After her debut at New York's Town Hall, she was active as a recitalist and soloist with orchestra. She developed a keen interest in the music of composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk and was a finalist at the First International Gottschalk Competition.

After her time in Ohio, Dr. Miller moved to Anderson, SC, where she joined the Anderson Academy of Music piano faculty in 1990. She was also active as a church musician, directing music at St. George's Episcopal Church. In spite of grave illness in recent years, she continued to teach until the last month of her life. She taught with love and wisdom, and her legacy lives on in the hearts of the many students she has nurtured through the years. We will miss her greatly.

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Why not give your child the gift of music?

My daughter, Aly, took the first tangible steps of her musical journey at the age of five, at the Academy of Music. Her youngest sister had just been born several months before, so perhaps due to a need for stress relief, I impulsively headed down to Farr’s Music House to look at pianos. It had been a long time since I had played one, although I had spent so much time at the piano as a child and through my college years. I suddenly yearned to play Bach again, and decided that the Goldberg Variations might be a good place to start. (Naïve, and ridiculous, but I was pretty sleep deprived at the time thanks to my youngest, a tiny sleepless wonder)

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Why not give your dog the gift of music?

Yes, you are reading the title correctly! Dogs can appreciate music, too. At least, our dog Louis does. Not only does he listen to music, but he sings it as well.
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